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Bring extra customers to your ski shop

SkiRent brings extra customers to your ski shop. We have developed a system for skiers where they can book their ski or snowboard gear in advance. We choose the ski shops we work with very carefully, as we focus on quality, safety, location and service. We only work with a selected number of ski shops, which allows our SkiRent Partners to stay one step ahead of their competition.

Apply your own terms and conditions

Here’s how it works: in the SkiRent app or on this website, skiers select the region where they are travelling to. There, they will encounter your shop listed as a high-quality ski shop where it’s safe to order at. As soon as they book the equipment of their choice, a reservation cost will be transferred from the skier’s account to SkiRent. The rest of the amount will be paid directly at the ski shop, where you as the owner will be able to apply your own terms and conditions.

Free publicity

Have your shop featured in SkiRent and enjoy the many advantages. Not only will the free publicity bring you extra customers – and extra revenues – we also make sure satisfied customers will spread the word about your ski shop using the built-in social media tools.

No intermediaries

The absence of intermediaries between SkiRent and the ski shops also means the ski shops will not lose any part of the revenues they have rightfully earned by renting out ski equipment.

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